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In 1972
Line-head (LH) development
In 1973
Line Recess (LR) development
In 1985
Get the Patent of Line-Head (LH), Line Recess (LR)
The Starting of the development of D-Bar
OSG Corporation Co., LTD acquire the Patent of the screw driver components of the Line-head (LH) and Line recess (LR)
OSG made flexible use of the business operation network to start the business operation activities.
In 1992
[LH-S] general ledger of the new planning was registered. Patent No.1636975
U.S. design registration Des.317862
German design registration MR 28820
In 1998
[ULR] [LR-S] general ledger of the new planning was registered. Patent No.2573244
U.S. charter registration number: No.5137407
EPC14 coutries Registration number: No.0430563
Australian patent registration No.641508
Singapore patent registration No.1046/94
Hong kong patent registration No.905of1994
In 2000
[MicroStix] general ledger patent was registered. Patent No.3026965
Chinese patent registration No.ZL02829031.3
Indian patent registration No.27395
Singapore patent registration No.108102
Indonesia patent registration No.ID P0026405
EPC patent registration No.1536150
UK patent registration No.1536150
Finland patent registration No.1536150
German patent registration No.602364639
In 2001
[3LH] and [3LH-S] general ledger patent was registered. Patent No.3989203
In 2002
[LH-SS] and [LS recess] general ledger patent was registered. Patent No.4085054
U.S. patent registration No. US6997085 B2
South Korean patent registration No.580904
Chinese patent registration No.ZL02810828.0
German patent registration No.60220050.4
French patent registration No.02728157.5
EPC patent registration No.0430563
In June, 2005
It was separated from OSG Corporation Co., LTD

Two types of design are 1) Line Head (LH) having the area of torque transmission on the outer circumference of a screw head and 2) Line Recess (LR) having the area of torque transmission in the recessed area of a screw head.

Our unique driving tool design is meeting the increased demand to improve efficiency and productivity from continuous miniaturization of electronic prodacts.

Introducing the New Revolutionized NO CAM-OUT cross recess. New recess design naming it the "QuaStix" to our LHSTIX series.

D-Bar is non-wire coaterbar which was developed by improving wire bar broadly used in film, paper, and glass industries. OSG's technology of manufacturing D-Bar has contributed to developing it.

Small diameter gavure roll. Any shape can be manufacutured to fit machine.

To confirm the color of gravure ink and the coating thickness. Free from premature wire cut or wire displacement because of Non-wire coater bar.